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Calling on Biking, Jogging, Hiking, Dog Walking, and Rail Enthusiasts!

We are a group of World wide, State wide and especially Sacramento City wide neighbors advocating a rails with trails solution for the historic Del Rio Trail rail corridor


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Rails with Del Rio Trails

Rails with Del Rio trails is a win win solution for everyone!  Excursion trains from the California State Railroad Museum operate almost exclusively along rails with trails.  A rails with trails plan for the Del Rio Trail Project would extend these bike trails and preserve the historic rails.

learn advantages of rails with trails

Preserve the heart of the Sacramento Southern Railroad (SSRR) Main line

Learn  more about why this priceless historic cultural resource is in danger.  The city of Sacramento wants to rip up four of the sixteen miles of the track that the California State Railroad Museum trains run on.

Learn about rail demolition plans starting in 2019